New Versions - Vulgata Clementina and Glossa Ordinaria Migne (UPDATE 8/30)

Written by Michael Hanel on August 29th, 2008


These versions were actually available a couple of years ago, but I missed the boat on properly recognizing them. Here’s some info on them:

This zip file contains two different versions that will need to be compiled. First is the Vulgata Clementina of 1598 (VUC) and the other is the Biblia Vulgata Clementina 1598 with end notes “Ordinary Glossa” (GLO).

The text originates from The Clementine Vulgate project. This is what they have to say about it:

After the Council of Trent, which declared in 1546 that the Vulgate alone was to be held as “authentic in public readings, discourses, and disputes, and that nobody might dare or presume to reject it on any pretence” (Sess. IV, De editione et usu sacrorum librorum), the Holy See undertook the task of producing a corrected, standard text of the Vulgate for the use of the universal Church. In 1590, an edition was duly produced in Rome by a commission of scholars, revised further by Sixtus V, and finally approved by him. After his death a further revision was carried out under the Jesuit Franciscus Toletus, and finally the work was printed in 1598 during the pontificate of Clement VIII, whose name has been attached to it since 1641. The Clementine text was the offical version of the Vulgate until 1979.

As a non-expert in this field, I’ll leave it open for anyone to add more comment on the significance of either of these texts.

DOWNLOAD!Re-download updated files (8/30). The VMF (Verse mapping) files were updated for both databases. These files need to be placed in the subfolder called “databases” of BibleWorks 7.

Addendum: As a commenter on Mark Hoffman’s blog noted, the Clementine Vulgate project group seems a little bit questionable from a religious-political perspective. While the texts here are still apparently public domain, the nature of the source may or may not disinterest you in using them. I bind no one’s conscience on the matter, but I know some are more sensitive on these issues.

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