A real post?

Written by Michael Hanel on July 11th, 2008

By my notice we haven’t had a real substantive post all year on the BW blog. Talk about not good. At the beginning of the year we had file server issues where we lost all of our files. A little after that we had more blogger issues where our posts wouldn’t post properly (meaning, at all), thus the reason for multiple test posts.

As we’ve said, life has gotten busier. It doesn’t mean we have lost track of BibleWorks completely, but we have not been as good as maintaining this as we should be. As I’ve mentioned, a new marriage, a relocation, the beginning of a PhD program all have taken chunks of my time this year. Fortunately others have been producing new materials, we simply haven’t been advertising them very well. If you have been following the BibleWorks forums (which I highly recommend), you should not have missed any of the new offerings that have been posted this year. Most of them I have managed to catch and upload here so that even if they are not blogged about, they are still in one place. However I have missed a few of them here and there during the school year, so if you know of any of those, please alert my attention to them and I will get them up.

Another reason why things have been quiet is because I’ve been enjoying reading a fellow BibleWorks user (and Lutheran! — well that’s a big deal in my book, you can ignore it, if you wish), Mark Hoffman’s blog Biblical Studies and Technological Tools. If you haven’t been following his blog, get with it! He has done an admirable job of comparing Bible software programs (among other things!) with regard to their offerings, how you can use them, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Although he was on sabbatical this year (and therefore amazingly prolific), his posts might be a little less plentiful this coming school year, but even so, he will still be worth following.

Anyway, now we try to play catch-up.

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