Algers F. Johns Aramaic Vocab File

Written by jdarlack on February 25th, 2008

Jackson Atkins of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary has submitted an Aramaic vocabulary file that is keyed to A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic by Alger F. Johns. Jackson describes the file:

Johns lists some verbs in several chapters but due to technical limitations I have only included them in the first chapter where they appear. I have retained BibleWorks verbal vowel pointing where a qamets appears under the first consonant instead of shewah. I have placed Johns’ noun categories in the usage column following the information provided by BibleWorks and enclosed in parentheses. When you load the file, go to the tools drop down menu and select “filter” then check the “Include Aramaic” box. I made this file for a class so speed was imperative. Thus, if you find any mistakes please let me know on the BibleWorks official message board.


PS: I am sorry for my delinquency in catching up with the BW blog files lately. I hope to get on it soon!

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