User Lexicon Revisited - See it in Action!

Written by Michael Hanel on May 7th, 2015

Sorry, I am still way behind in touting new features of BibleWorks 10. This is was somewhat expected, unfortunately. But, in my last post, I did talk about the cool feature of the User Lexicon in BibleWorks 10. Already one of my favorite BibleWorks users, Pasquale, has put together a few packages that show glimpses into how versatile the User Lexicon can be in BibleWorks 10.

Since Pasquale is Italian, the first download is an Italian-Greek lexicon.

Instructions: Download the following file and unzip it to the BibleWorks 10\UserLex\ folder. Already in that folder there should be a folder called \default\ the ItalianUserLex files that you will unzip should be parallel to this \default\ folder, not put into the \default\ folder itself as a subfolder. Once you have done that, restart BibleWorks 10. In the Resources Window you can activate this UserLexicon by selection the Options menu in the UserLex tab and then Change user lexicon folder. Select the ItalianUserLex folder and you will be good to go. Whenever you mouse over a Greek word in the Browse Window, the UserLex tab will be populated with the Italian lexicon entry.

DOWNLOAD! - Italian-Greek lexicon

The second two downloads are perhaps more interesting for English-speaking users. They are the Nave’s Topical Bible and Smith’s Bible Dictionary. Both work with English Bible versions.

DOWNLOAD! - Nave’s Topical Bible UserLex
DOWNLOAD! - Smith’s Bible Dictionary UserLex

Maybe none of these three downloads is exactly your particular interest, but all three together show just how the UserLexicon in BibleWorks 10 can be used to do some pretty exciting things!

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