BibleWorks 10 - Color Customization

Written by Michael Hanel on April 20th, 2015

One new feature in BibleWorks 10 is the ability to do much more customization with the color scheme used in BibleWorks. So for instance, you can control the title bar and column backgrounds as well as menu and window text colors.

On the one hand, this is a minor new feature (but don’t tell that to the programmers, who probably spent weeks making this possible and then even more time ironing out the wrinkles) that doesn’t affect the content of BibleWorks, but it is a nice little bump to the program that allows user to make colors fresh and make the program fit your overall aesthetic. BibleWorks 10 comes loaded with several different color schemes, so that you do not need to be a color genius to find something that works for you. You can start with a new color scheme and slowly change and adapt it if there are some colors you don’t like.

In addition to the colors that come packaged in BibleWorks 10, some of the beta-testers also made their own color schemes and were willing to share them with me so that I could pass them along to you. So if you’ve tried all the color schemes in BibleWorks and you’re still looking for one that’s just you, maybe you can give some of these extra ones to try. You can also check out the BibleWorks forums, as users there may share some of their own personal color schemes too!

DOWNLOAD More Color Schemes! - To use the colors, unzip the file to the \init\ subfolder of BibleWorks 10. When you restart BibleWorks 10, these new color schemes will be found listed along with the ones that initially came with BibleWorks 10 [Color schemes provided by Michael Tan & Mark Hoffman].

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