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Written by jdarlack on January 27th, 2008

Well, I’m not sure what has happened to the files, and Yahoo has not been responsive, so we will name this little episode “Yahoops!” from now on.

I was able to recover a few files, but many have perished. So, if you have any of the add-ons listed below (with all accompanying files; e.g. *.bww, *.ddf, etc.; preferably in a zipped folder) then please comment on this blog post or reply to the BibleWorks Forum thread and list what you have. Reply especially if you have a way of “moving” very large files. I’ve also set up an email for the blog: So if you can email me files, that would be the way to do it.

Thankfully, because of the the Internet Archive (, I was able to upload quite a few files, but there are still many files that need to be restored. Here’s the list of files that we need:

Version Databases

  • New Testament Related:
    • [] Gospel of Mark in Gothic (Mark Langley)
    • [] 14th Century Version (Middle English 1Jn-Jud) (Mark Langley)
    • [] NT Peshitta in Hebrew with Vowel Pointing
    • [] Delitzsch Hebrew New Testament
    • [] Coptic New Testament Versions
  • Hebrew Bible Related:
    • [] Hebrew Consonantal Text (David Kummerow)
    • [] Jerome’s Latin Psalter based on the Hebrew (Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman)
  • Old and New Testament Combined Versions
    • [] La Sankta Biblia — The Bible in Esperanto (Francis Taylor)
    • [] John Wycliffe’s Middle English Translation of the Vulgate (1388) (Bob Venem)
    • [] Bishops’ Bible (1568) (Bob Venem)
    • [] King James Version (1611) (Bob Venem)
    • [] Miles Coverdale Version (1535) (Bob Venem)
  • Church Fathers
    • [] Lightfoot’s Apostolic Fathers in English (Jim Darlack)
    • [] Apostolic Fathers in English
  • Misc. Files
    • [] Book of Mormon (Mark Eddy and Brian Beers)
  • Classical Greek:
    • [] Callimachus’ Works (Michael Hanel)
    • [] Epictetus’ Works (Michael Hanel)
    • [] Gorgias’ Enconium of Helen and [] English translation. (Michael Hanel)
    • [] Herodotus’ Histories and [] English translation. (Michael Hanel)
    • [] Homer morphological Version (Michael Hanel)
    • [] English translation of Homer/Hesiod,
  • Latin:
    • [] Julius Caesar (Civil and Gallic Wars) and [] English translation (Michael Hanel)
    • [] Suetonius’ Works and [] an English translation (Michael Hanel)
    • [] Horace’s Works, [] a second Latin version, and [] an English translation (Michael Hanel)

Color Files

  • [] Color file highlights conjunctive accents one color and disjunctive accents another in Hebrew JDP database. (David Kummerow)

Synopsis Files

  • [] Jeff Jackson Synopsis files of Synoptic Gospels (Jeff Jackson)
  • [] Allusions to Apocryphal books in the NT (Jim Darlack)
  • [] Synopsis file of 1 Esdras/2 Chronicles/Ezra/Nehemiah (Andrew Steinmann)

Diagram Files

Vocabulary Files

  • [sbglg.vrt] Werner Stoy, Bibelgriechisch - leicht gemacht (SBGLG) (Bernhard Riedler)
  • [lxxvocab100.vrt] Vocab for the LXX (ongoing) (Jackson Atkins)

Custom Modules

  • Module Creation Tools:
    • [] Script for creating HTML modules for BibleWorks - richardsugg
  • Lexica:
    • [] An Elementary Latin Dictionary, Charlton Lewis (1890) - Pasquale Amicarelli
  • Grammars:
    • [] Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Goodwin’s Greek Grammar - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Smyth’s Greek Grammar (a work in progress) - Michael Hanel
  • Church Fathers:
    • [] Augustine’s Works - Containing the translation available on 18.6MB - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Chrysostom’s Works - Containing the translation available on - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] St. John of the Cross, Ascent of Mount Carmel - Containing the translation available on - Pasquale Amicarelli
  • Textual Criticism:
    • [] The Gospel of Mark in the Washington Codex 52MB! Facsimile of the Washington Manuscript of the Four Gospels in the Freer Collection with an Introduction by Henry A. Sanders. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University of Michigan, 1912. Compiled with permission by Ewan MacLeod from the files at
    • [] Images of Codex Alexandrinus linked to the New Testament (does not include 1 Clement) 80MB! - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Images of Tischendorf’s transcription of Codex Vaticanus linked to the Gospels 115MB! Updated 10.13.2006. - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Codex Sinaiticus - images linked to the New Testament, with links to high resolution photos on the web! 113MB - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Codex Bezae - images linked to the New Testament, with links to high resolution photos on the web! 85MB! Updated 10.13.2006 - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Textual Commentary on the Gospels (by Wieland Willker) - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Ginsburg’s Massorah - This is a work in progress started by Ewan MacLeod. For more information see Michael Hanel’s blog post as well as his thread on the BibleWorks forums. A PDF of Ginsburg’s Massorah is available at
    • [] John Burgon’s Last Twelve Verses Of Mark - Scott Jones/Ewan MacLeod/Willem Swanepoel
  • Commentaries
    • [] Keil and Delitzsch Old Testament Commentary 15 MB! - Willem Swanepoel
    • [] Calvin’s Commentary on the Bible 22 MB! - Willem Swanepoel
  • Classics Resources
    • [] Iliad Commentaries - Michael Hanel
    • [] Odyssey Commentary - Michael Hanel
  • Lutheran Resources
    • [] Kretzmann’s Popular Commentary - Michael Hanel
    • [] Book of Concord (Triglotta/Bente edition) - Michael Hanel
    • [] Reformation Confessions (includes Reformed confessions) - Pasquale Amicarelli
  • Miscellaneous:
    • [] Jerome Nadal’s Gospel Illustrations 25MB! - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Dore Bible Gallery 43MB! - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Bible Geocoding Maps 36 MB! - Pasquale Amicarelli
    • [] Revised Common Lectionary - Pasquale Amicarelli

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