New Version - Latin transcription of Codex Bezae

Written by Michael Hanel on November 11th, 2013

Pasquale Amicarelli, a BibleWorks power user, has just put the finishing touches on a new version for BibleWorks. Like many of his offerings this combines his interests in textual criticism and Latin texts. This time he put the transcription of the Latin text of Codex Bezae into BibleWorks format.

In BibleWorks 9 there are already images and a transcription of the Greek text of Codex Bezae, but for whatever reason the Latin text was never offered (although the images of the Latin pages are available in the BibleWorks images of Codex Bezae). With this version, BibleWorks users will have access to transcriptions of both the Latin and the Greek of Bezae as well as access to the images of both!
Many thanks to Pasquale for his work!!


Unzip the files to the \databases\ subfolder in your BibleWorks folder and restart BibleWorks. The new version will use the version ID VLBZ.

[File updated 11/18/13 with correct verse mapping file]

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