NA28 Text vs. NA27 Text

Written by Michael Hanel on October 9th, 2012

NA28 has been available in Europe for a month or so, but so far it hasn’t been available yet in the USA. Fortunately the web is working faster than the printing presses. There are a few useful sites to learn about the NA28. First and foremost, is Wieland Willker’s website which includes a list of differences between NA27 and the Editio Critica Maior (ECM) of the Catholic Epistles. For a long time this was the best source of information about NA28, but it is not the same thing as the NA28 text. The NA28 text is supposed to be the same as the second edition of the ECM, which will be published after the NA28 is out. In other words, sometimes in the first edition of the ECM a reading that the editors preferred was rejected in the end for the NA28, or one that was not chosen in the ECM first edition did make the cut to the NA28. Thanks to Wieland for collating this information.

So far then, the only way to learn what the NA28 text was to a) wait for it to arrive in America or b) compare Wieland’s website with abbreviated list of verses changed on the official Nestle-Aland website. Fortunately a better solution has arrived in the form of a) Larry Hurtado’s brief preview of the NA28 in which he lists all the verses that are different in the NA28 and b) the official online version of the NA28 text.

Putting the two of those together, I took Larry Hurtado’s list of differences and compared the online version of NA28 with the NA27 and BYZ texts in a Word doc so that people would have not merely the list of verses changed, but the actual content of those verses. Obviously what will really interest people is the reason decisions were made, including the list of manuscripts in support of each reading. I have not provided that kind of information here. But I think what you will have should give you a good idea of what’s happened in the text of the NA28.

Remember, the only textual differences between the NA27 and NA28 occur in the Catholic Epistles. In all other places the text is the same. Obviously there are other changes in the NA28 that may make it worth owning, but now you know the differences in the base text between the two versions.

DOWNLOAD - NA28 vs. NA27 (and BYZ) text comparison.

If you find that I have missed any of the textual changes (or copied them incorrectly), please let me know and I will update the comparison.

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