Creating Bibleworks Modules from Word or HTML

Written by Michael Hanel on January 7th, 2008

A BibleWorks user has offered more help on teaching other users how to made more user (HTML-based) modules for BibleWorks:

Creating Bibleworks Modules from Word or HTML

  1. Format the webpage in Word. Make sure you use styles (heading 1, heading 2, etc). These will become your table of contents.
  2. Use msword2chm to convert the Word document to compiled help. You can get msword2chm for free here.
  3. Extract the chm using 7-zip, available here.
  4. Use tidy to clean up the HTML. Tidy is available here:
    1. From a DOS prompt, run the following command (just copy and paste to the DOS prompt)
    2. for %f in (*.htm) do tidy –i –u –w 999999 –m %f
    3. This will tidy all the htm files at once
  5. Add the necessary javascript to each html file with the (DOWNLOAD file here!). You must have Perl installed for this to work. Perl can be downloaded from here.
    1. Run in the directory with the htm files. They will all be edited automatically.
  6. From the file (c:\Program Files\Bibleworks 7\, copy the files bw.js, mymodule.chd and mymodule-books.txt to the htm directory.
  7. Use Bibleworks to tag the htm files
    1. Tools | Build Module Index
    2. Base Directory: Directory containing the htm files
    3. Bookfile name: mymodule-books.txt
    4. Base name: Name of the module
    5. Click Build and Tag.
  8. Use HTML Help Workshop to recompile the HTML. When you create a new project, note that you will already have the HTML files, the index, and the Table of Contents.
  9. Edit mymodule.chd as directed in Bibleworks documentation
  10. Copy *.chm, *.chd, and *.sdx to the databases directory and restart Bibleworks.

NOTE: Be sure to DOWNLOAD this file if you use his process as it is needed in step #5.

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