Synopsis File for 1 Esdras/2 Chronicles/Ezra/Nehemiah

Written by Michael Hanel on January 7th, 2008

Dr. Andrew Steinmann recently posted a synopsis file for use within BibleWorks which will be very valuable to people who are looking at some of the later traditions of the Hebrew Bible. The BibleWorks program includes a Synopsis window which allows users to see multiple books of the Bible in sync in a synopsis mode. While the synoptic study of the Bible is more famous among the four Gospels, the Synopsis tool can be used for other purposes as well and this is a good way to see the relation between a number of books so one can investigate the relationship between them. Check it out, you’ll be surprised at how much overlap there is!

DOWNLOAD! ~ open the ZIP file and save it to the folder C:\BibleWorks 7\init\ The Synopsis tool can be accessed through the “Tools” menu in BibleWorks, then use “File:Open” to load the .sdf (synopsis) file.

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