New Modules Iliad and Odyssey Commentaries

Written by Michael Hanel on December 10th, 2007

The best just got better. In addition to being the only place to get a morphological text of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, now you can use some of the old school commentaries to help you read along in the Homeric texts.

First is a 3-for-1 commentary set which includes the following commentaries

  1. Allen Rogers Benner [1903], Selections from Homer’s Iliad, with an introduction, notes, a short Homeric grammar, and a vocabulary.
  2. Walter Leaf [1900], The Iliad, edited, with apparatus criticus, prolegomena, notes, and appendices.
  3. Thomas D. Seymour [1891], Homer’s Iliad, Books I-III and Homer’s Iliad, Books IV-V.

The second commentary set is for the Odyssey and it includes only one commentary, but it is, nevertheless, a good one:

  • W. Walter Merry; James Riddell; D. B. Monro [1886], Homer’s Odyssey.

Both commentaries function quite similarly and, while being usefully run in BibleWorks, they run as stand-alone HTML help files as well. In order to use the files profitably in BibleWorks, unzip the contents of both to the C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7\databases folder. The next time you run BibleWorks they will show up under the Resources menu under a category called “Classics Resources.”

Happy Reading!!

DOWNLOAD Iliad Commentaries!

DOWNLOAD Odyssey Commentary!

Update: Dead link fixed.

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