New Versions - Church Fathers in Greek, Latin and English!

Written by Michael Hanel on February 2nd, 2012

After putting together the version of Eusebius’ Church History for BibleWorks, I thought I stumbled onto something good and there was a need to add more writings of the early Church Fathers* into BibleWorks. The only question was whether to add them as separate versions or put them together in one release. I decided that it would be better to start putting them together in one gigantic release. So this is the first of hopefully many updates to this version.

Out of the zip file what you have included is original language and translations of the following texts:

  • Justin Martyr: Apology 1, Apology 2 and Dialogue with Trypho
  • Clement of Alexandria: Protrepticus, What Rich Man is Saved?, and To the Newly Baptized
  • Tertullian: Apology, On Spectacles
  • Minucius Felix: Octavius
  • Eusebius: Church History
  • Basil the Great: To Young Men on Greek Literature

If that’s not enough to get you excited, I’m not sure what is!

Oh I know. It’s probably the cost. These are all free downloads for BibleWorks users. The files all work perfectly in BibleWorks 9 (make sure you have updated the latest executable files), and should work in BibleWorks 8, but I make no guarantees.

Special thanks to those who have helped me put together these files and especially to Kevin Edgecomb for sharing the work he had done on Justin’s Dialogue!


1. Unzip the files to the \databases\ subfolder in your BibleWorks folder and restart BibleWorks. The new versions will use the version IDs CF-G for the Greek version, CF-L for the Latin version, and CF-E for the English translations.

2. In order to get the book names to show up correctly you must also add any of the missing lines to your books.bna file (which is found in the BibleWorks subfolder called \init\ and can be opened with a simple text editor like Notepad)

Unless I’m mistaken the following book names come standard in BibleWorks, but if not, you would need to add them to your books.bna file:
JAp,The Apology of Justin,JAp,JAP
DJT,Dialogue of Justin with Trypho a Jew,DJT,DJT
TAp,Tertullian Apology,TAp,TAP
TSh,Tertullian The Shows,TSh,TSH
MFO,Minucius Felix The Octavius,MFO,MFO

If you’ve downloaded the Eusebius files, you should already have added the following to your books.bna file:
EH1,Ecclesiastical History-Book 1,EH-1,EH-1
EH2,Ecclesiastical History-Book 2,EH-2,EH-2
EH3,Ecclesiastical History-Book 3,EH-3,EH-3
EH4,Ecclesiastical History-Book 4,EH-4,EH-4
EX5,Ecclesiastical History-Preface Book 5,EH-5preface, EH-5preface
EH5,Ecclesiastical History-Book 5,EH-5,EH-5
EH6,Ecclesiastical History-Book 6,EH-6,EH-6
EH7,Ecclesiastical History-Book 7,EH-7,EH-7
EH8,Ecclesiastical History-Book 8,EH-8,EH-8
EH9,Ecclesiastical History-Book 9,EH-9,EH-9
EHX,Ecclesiastical History-Book 10,EH-10,EH-10

These are the new book name abbreviations and need to be added to your books.bna file:
Jaq,Justin-Apology 2,Justin-Apology 2,Apology 2
CRM,What Rich Man is Saved?,What Rich Man is saved?,Rich man
CBP,To the Newly Baptized,To the Newly Baptized,To the Newly Baptized
INC,On the Incarnation of the Word,On the Incarnation of the Word,Incarnation
BTY,To Young Men on Greek Literature,To Young Men on Greek Literature,To Young Men on Greek Literature

* I use this term rather loosely to mean Christian writers of the first few centuries.

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