BibleWorks on a Mac?

Written by Michael Hanel on January 9th, 2012

Probably the single most common complaint I hear about BibleWorks is that it’s not available on Mac natively. Currently, the best way to use BibleWorks on a Mac is to use an emulator program like Parallels which allows the user to run both Windows and OS X programs on the same screen. This certainly isn’t Mac native-programming, but it still allows Mac users an option to keep using BibleWorks.

For all this time, the BibleWorks official answer to the question of a Mac-native version of BibleWorks has been no. On the positive side, BibleWorks noted that through emulator programs, users could still use BibleWorks on Macs, but BibleWorks wasn’t actively designing their program for the emulators.

Now it seems that BibleWorks is slightly changing its course to more actively pursue running the program on Macs and Linux machines. Today, owner Michael Bushell posted this response on the BibleWorks forums:

Hi All,

Just FYI we are now formally investigating the possibility of officially spporting BibleWorks running on third party emulators on Mac and Linux. So far what we find looks promising. Re the question of this thread, BibleWorks does run under CrossOver, whch does not rquire a Windows license. Crossover is not free but it is not expensive either. It does have some problems, specifically with CHM files, but we are hopeful that we will eventually have a good, supported solution for our Mac and Linux users. I can’t give any dates. The best I can do is tell you that this is something that we are now taking seriously.

Mike Bushell

Note that his answer is not an immediate promise of at a Mac-native version of BibleWorks. But it looks as if BibleWorks has slightly softened their previous answer and is now looking to ways its program can be used on multiple formats. I’m sure there are more than a few people out there who look forward to this progress. Obviously his announcement doesn’t indicate an impending release, but is merely a signal that rather than saying no, they’re now investigating their options.

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