New Module: Last Twelve Verses of Mark by John Burgon

Written by Michael Hanel on September 10th, 2007


For those who are interested in textual criticism, it is hard to imagine not being unaware of the various controversies over the ending of the Gospel of Mark. John Burgon wrote a book on that very controversy way back in 1871 and it has remained a very influential book on that topic. Burgon sets out to show that the ending of Mark can be shown to be reliable based on extant manuscripts of the Bible. If you’re interested in how text critics do their work, sit down with Burgon and you get a feel for some of the issues involved in the process.

BibleWorks user Scott Jones gracious provided this text which he manufactured digitally. He holds copyright on the digital text as such and so any other uses of this text outside of its present form will require his permission. You can contact him via the email address provided in the Burgon BibleWorks module. Scott graciously thanks Ewan MacLeod and Willem Swanepoel for their help in converting the e-text into BibleWorks friendly format.


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