New Version - Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History

Written by Michael Hanel on October 26th, 2011

I am happy to announce the release of Eusebius of Caesarea’s Ecclesiastical (Church) History as a new version for BibleWorks! This is a combo release in that the download contains both the Greek text of Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History and an English translation.

About the English Text:

The English translation is the same one that is found in the Schaff Early Church Fathers module that is provided in BibleWorks, only I have stripped it of all notes. If you want to read along with the notes and such, I suggest using the CHM module. This English translation is provided only to help ease of use for those who need both English and Greek in the Browse Window.

About the Greek Text:

The Greek text is that of Kirsopp Lake, J.E.L. Oulton, and H.J. Lawlor, which is found in the old public domain edition of the Loeb Classical Library and provided at the Perseus Digital Library. The Greek text is optimized for use in BibleWorks 9. It makes use of special characters that were not available in earlier versions of BibleWorks, so while you can use the files in older versions of BibleWorks, you will likely not have an optimal text (the use of quotation marks for instance will cause problems). If this text is of interest to you and you don’t have BibleWorks 9, it might be worth considering upgrading for. This text is available as a free download here, but other Bible programs have it available only for an additional cost. This text is the bare Greek text only without morphological tagging, but using an Internet connection, it is possible to get morphological help from the Perseus website.

There will likely be small updates to this version released at later dates. Special thanks for this precision goes to Mark Eddy who has done a lot of the micro-editing to make sure the versions line up properly.


1. Unzip the files to the \databases\ subfolder in your BibleWorks folder and restart BibleWorks. The new versions will use the version IDs EUSEBE (English version) and EUSEBG (Greek version))

2. In order to get the book names to show up correctly you must also add the following lines to the file books.bna (found in the BibleWorks subfolder called \init\)

EH1,Ecclesiastical History-Book 1,EH-1,EH-1
EH2,Ecclesiastical History-Book 2,EH-2,EH-2
EH3,Ecclesiastical History-Book 3,EH-3,EH-3
EH4,Ecclesiastical History-Book 4,EH-4,EH-4
EX5,Ecclesiastical History-Preface Book 5,EH-5preface, EH-5preface
EH5,Ecclesiastical History-Book 5,EH-5,EH-5
EH6,Ecclesiastical History-Book 6,EH-6,EH-6
EH7,Ecclesiastical History-Book 7,EH-7,EH-7
EH8,Ecclesiastical History-Book 8,EH-8,EH-8
EH9,Ecclesiastical History-Book 9,EH-9,EH-9
EHX,Ecclesiastical History-Book 10,EH-10,EH-10

3. Right click the .bna file and use the Open With command with a text editor (like Notepad) to paste in the text above at the end of the file.

4. Save the file and re-start BibleWorks.

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