New Module - Walther’s Law and Gospel

Written by Michael Hanel on October 24th, 2011

Tomorrow (10/25/2011) marks the 200th birthday of C.F.W. Walther. If you’re knowledgeable of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, you will likely know who Walther is, but if you aren’t I’m sure you have no idea who he is. That’s okay. He’s probably not going to be nearly exciting as Martin Luther, but there is now a movie produced that covers his life. Fortunately the actor cast to play him in the movie is a bit easier on the eyes than Walther himself, but that just goes to show you that we don’t judge our theologians by their looks, only by their books.

The work known as The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel is a series of lectures that Walther gave during his time as a professor at Concordia Seminary. Through the series he introduces a set of theses regarding the proper distinction of Law and Gospel, particularly as it relates to the pastoral ministry, and explicates them. This is how theology used to be done, you know, before blogging and such. This work was put together based on notes from his students who attended the lectures.

This release still has a few errors here and there in tagging and such, but since I’ve been sitting on these files for a while and haven’t got around to fixing them, I thought that the occasion of Walther’s birthday was one that shouldn’t be passed up. Note that this is an older (public domain) translation. If you’re really into Walther, you’ll probably want to check out the revised and re-translated version here.

Special thanks go to Chris Sansom for his work in cleaning up these files from their original state and preparing them for Bible verse tagging.


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