Linking to the Libronix BDAG, EDNT, and TDNT also.

Written by jdarlack on August 11th, 2007

In the previous post on linking to the LSJ, I forgot to note that you can also link to BDAG, EDNT and TDNT using a similar set up.

To do this, you would have to replace the last set of numbers with the
appropriate code.


Replace the red text given in the code box above with the appropriate red text below:

46.30.18 (for BDAG)
46.10.26 (for EDNT)
46.10.16 (for TDNT)

You would have to make a new entry in the ELM for each dictionary.

Now, to find the appropriate code in Libronix yourself is easy. Open up the resource you wish to link to, and then either click Alt+Ctrl+C, or go to the “Favorites” menu and select “Copy Location to Clipboard.” Then paste the text into MSWord or a text editor. For instance, the link to the “New American Standard Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries” is:


Now you can see a bunch of gobbledygook* in the link above (% signs followed by letters & numbers instead of dashes & slashes, spaces, etc.). A little trick to get rid of the gobbledygook is to paste the text into the “Hex Value” field of this ASCII converter and click the “Decode Hex to ASCII” button. You may have to copy and paste the resultant code (that appears in the “ASCII Text” field) back into the “Hex Value” field a second time and click the “Decode Hex to ASCII” button yet again to get it to display the code without the gobbelty-gook. When you’re all done, the resultant link will look like this:


The last part of the link above (in red) represents the “name” of the resource in Libronix to which you are building the link. Note that the same numbers are available at the end of the link before you got rid of the gobbledygook.

For a very helpful explanation of how the links work in general (and how to link Scripture references as well) read the documentation on the Logos site.

* gobbledygook (ˈgä-bəl-dē-ˌgu̇k, -ˌgük) = terminus technicus for code found “under the hood” of the snazzy programs installed on your computer.

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