Linking to the LSJ in Libronix

Written by jdarlack on August 10th, 2007

A BW user recently asked on the forum how to link BibleWorks to Logos’ version of the LSJ. I posted a response on the forum, but I figured it would be good to post on the blog as well.

The first step is to open up the ELM (External Links Manager). Do this by either clicking proper button:

…or go to the “Resources” menu item and select “Edit external links”:

This will open up the ELM:

Click the “New” button.

Select options and enter information as shown in the screen shot above [note fields in the red boxes]. Copy the following line of code into “Web page, file to run or executable to run” field.


Another option is to open your ShellExec.txt file. This file is found in your c:\program files\bibleworks 7\init directory. At the very bottom of the text, paste the following code.

//// External Link #24//[Liddell-Scott-Jones (Logos)]Operation = OpenDirectory = NULLFile = libronixdls:macro|name=TextKeyLink|text=<dummy>|lang=el|scheme=beta|res=LLS:46.30.25Parameters = NULLMenuLocation = Browse Window GreekTextType = Greek TextMapToVersion = NULLLookup = LemmaMenuText = Liddell-Scott-Jones (Logos)Enabled = 1

You will probably have to renumber the “External Link #” (second line, in green). Make sure this is a unique number sequential to the number of the previous external link.

Save the file.

You should be able to right-click a word in a Greek text, select the “Liddell-Scott-Jones (Logos)” option, and open up to the correct entry in the LSJ in Libronix.

Note that this “right click” will only work in versions that have a corresponding morphological version (e.g., BGT & BGM, PHI & PHM, etc.).

For more information about linking to Libronix, see the Logos documents: Linking to Libronix books from other applications and Web Linking to Libronix.

It should be noted that both Libronix and BibleWorks have their own electronic versions of the LSJ. One marked difference between the two is that the Libronix version integrates all of the supplemental corrections and entries with the main entries. BibleWorks keeps the supplemental material separate. While this blog has obvious loyalties, I commend Logos for opening up their program to links from external applications. This certainly helps those who don’t have the money to shell out for both versions (not that anyone would)!

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