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A Key to Reference Systems for Josephus

Monday, July 19th, 2010

BibleWorks forum member, Andrew Steinmann has just posted a valuable set of BW user notes that provides a ‘key’ to the two reference systems used to cite the works of Josephus. He writes:

The BibleWorks Josephus modules use the Loeb Classical Library reference system for Josephus. However, you may at time run across references to Josephus using the reference system in Whiston’s English translation. I have attached a zip folder containing notes files for Josephus that coordinate these two reference systems for easy cross referencing. Simply unzip the files to your bibleworks8\notes directory.

**Note that these files will over write any chapter-level notes you may have written for Josephus.

Download (25kb)

Announcing the BOSS - Bible Organizer Study Suite

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Scott Jones (of; “Adelphos” in the BW forums) has posted a significant update to his previously released Verse List Organizer (VLO).

Deemed the “BOSS” (Bible Organizer Study Suite), this new tool allows a user to manage both verse and word lists generated with the BibleWorks Verse List Manager (VLM) and Word List Manager (WLM).

I have not had a chance to use it myself, but it looks promising.

Check out the forum post for more information about downloading and installation.

New Tool - Verse List Organizer

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

If you follow discussions on the BibleWorks forums, you’ve no doubt already seen that Adelphos, an avid BibleWorks user, has created a special program that, although not a part of BibleWorks, works with data created by BibleWorks to manage verse lists. Rather than re-posting all of his helpful introductory material, I will direct you first to his post describing his program and second, to the post in which any further discussion about it is taking place. Don’t be like me and post on the first link. If you have questions or comments, add them on the second link.

Although I haven’t used the verse list much to create numerous lists, Adelphos’ program at once seems to fit a great void. Imagine keeping track of verses that relate to a Bible study you’re working on. Maybe you’re keeping track of a theme throughout a book of the Bible, you can easily add verses to the verse list, but what will you do with that list when you’re done? The Verse List Organizer helps you do more with the data that BibleWorks makes easy to create.

In the past few days, Adelphos has already modified a number of aspects of the program to better fit user needs. Sounds like he’s taken his approach to customer service like a certain company I know of.

DOWNLOAD Verse List Organizer