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New Synopsis - OT Quotes in the Book of Hebrews

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Scott Jones has provided a free synopsis file which matches up OT quotations which are found in the the Book of Hebrews. This file was available a number of weeks ago on the BibleWorks forums, but I also wanted to acknowledge it here.

DOWNLOAD! - The unzipped file should be placed in the \init\ subdirectory of BibleWorks and can be accessed in BibleWorks via the Synopsis Tool.

BibleWorks Modules in Mac

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

A call for help to other BibleWorks users:

On our modules page, Mark Hoffman asks,

I’m using a Win machine, but I have students with Macs running BW8 under emulation. When they can’t get the modules to work, I’m clueless.
Can someone please give some Mac-specific step-by-step directions for adding modules? Thanks.

I also run BibleWorks on a Windows machine, so I can’t provide much guidance, but does anyone else who runs BibleWorks via Mac emulators have any experience with this issue?

Questions of clarification to Mark: (A) Do any modules work (including the base ones in BibleWorks) or is this just the ones students download here that don’t work? (B) What combination of Windows version and emulator are the students using?


1. Ben is using Windows XP in Parallels (and has used versions 3-5). He says he does nothing different than one would normally do on a Windows computer and everything works fine.

BibleWorks 8 Tutorial

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I noticed that there is a nice wiki on BibleWorks 8 available via Luther Seminary. Although it’s possible to learn all of these tips from reading the help within BibleWorks, sometimes it’s helpful to see it explained in a different format or in a different way.

So check out the BibleWorks wiki.

(Luther Seminary is an ELCA affiliated Seminary in Minnesota. It belongs to the same denomination as the Gettysburg Seminary, where Mark Hoffman teaches. From my knowledge of Mark’s teaching and by glancing at Mary Hinkle Shore’s syllabi (who appears to also be the one who is responsible for the wiki), it looks like both seminaries teach using Clayton Croy’s textbook and stress the use of Bible software tools like BibleWorks for learning/using Greek. Why is this important? It’s not really, I just found it interesting to know how Greek is being taught in some of the seminaries.)

BibleWorks 8 Sale

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Whether or not you think BibleWorks is the best Bible software program out there (and I happen to think it is), you cannot deny that for what you get, BibleWorks prices are the lowest — so low, they’re almost anti-competitive. You can spend $300 in other Bible programs but you will either (1) get fewer resources or (2) get more resources (known as filler), but fewer of the elite ones.

So what’s the only way you can get more value for the dollar in the Bible software world than you can from BibleWorks? A BibleWorks sale! Frankly this is a rare occurrence because BibleWorks doesn’t inflate prices. Other companies offer sales, BibleWorks offers crazy low prices every day.

But to prove even me wrong, there is a limited time sale currently going from BibleWorks. Here are the details:

Do you have any friends who might be interested in obtaining BibleWorks? If so, could you please help us out and forward this special offer to them?

For the next ten days we’re offering a special sale for new customers. If they purchase BibleWorks 8 and at least one module through our webstore using the coupon code TENFRIEND, we’ll take $30 off their purchase.

If you can think of someone who might want to know about this sale, we’d appreciate it if you would pass on the news!

Note- this sale began Nov 3, so that means you have just over a week to get your act together for this great deal!

New Version - Sistine Vulgate (1590)

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

The latest in a long string of releases which have been focused on the Latin Vulgate is now at the virtual presses. With much thanks to Pasquale Amicarelli, you can now add the Sistine Vulgate to BibleWorks.

The Sistine Vulgate was first published in 1590 as a response to the Council of Trent’s commission to standardize the vulgate text which hitherto had become quite a mess. This was all happening at the same* time as Luther and Tyndale among others were making valiant efforts to put the Bible into the actual language of the people (whether it be German, English, etc.) rather than a language which was no longer the language common folk had knowledge of.

The Sistine Vulgate was further revised to the Clementine Vulgate, which was revised a couple of times, but remained the standard Bible in the Roman Catholic Church until Vatican II. In other words, this translation plays an important role not only in Reformation history, but also in studies of the theology of the Roman Catholic Church as a whole.

DOWNLOAD! (unzip files directly into \databases\ subdirectory of BibleWorks and the version VUS will appear on start-up of BibleWorks)

* “same” meaning, of course, same general time, as in, you know, within a hundred or so years :)

Announcing the BOSS - Bible Organizer Study Suite

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Scott Jones (of; “Adelphos” in the BW forums) has posted a significant update to his previously released Verse List Organizer (VLO).

Deemed the “BOSS” (Bible Organizer Study Suite), this new tool allows a user to manage both verse and word lists generated with the BibleWorks Verse List Manager (VLM) and Word List Manager (WLM).

I have not had a chance to use it myself, but it looks promising.

Check out the forum post for more information about downloading and installation.

BibleWorks in the blogosphere

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Recently a few biblioblogs have published reviews of BibleWorks 8.

Again, BW shines! Recently I taught a class of NT Interp students at GCTS some of the basics of doing word searches in BibleWorks. In that class the professor told the students that if they were to purchase any “textbook” in seminary, they should purchase BibleWorks and BDAG!

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, BibleWorks now has an RSS feed for their Classroom Tips. BibleWorks also has a feed for news and announcements.

Update: I will add further review links as I come across them.

New Version - Pirke Aboth

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

BibleWorks 8 already contains an older translation of Pirke Aboth in the OTP (Charles Pseudepigrapha) version. Jay “I’m not done until I have finished compiling all of Judaic literature into BibleWorks” Palmer also put together a version of the Pirke Aboth quite a while ago for non-BibleWorks 8 users, first posted here.

Now, however, Jay has put together a new version of the Pirke Aboth with both English (PIR) and unpointed Hebrew (PAH) provided. Now if you have open the OTP, PIR and PAH in the Browse Window, you can see all versions at once.

The English text is that of Joseph I. Gorfinkle. Along with the English translation come copious notes, making this release a major step up for those who are interested in Jewish works beyond the Hebrew Bible.


DOWNLOAD! - Unzip files in \databases\ subfolder of BibleWorks

Calvin’s Big Day

Friday, July 10th, 2009

As a Lutheran, I’m not personally a big adherent to John Calvin or his theology, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find some value in his works. More importantly, I realize that a much larger portion of the blogging community and BibleWorks users is strongly influenced by John Calvin’s work. In the midst of numerous blog posts about his works, I just wanted to remind people that there are currently two free BibleWorks user modules which contain the text of John Calvin’s works, namely the Institutes and his Commentaries on the Bible. Celebrate John Calvin’s birthday the right way by enjoying the free gift of his works! With special thanks to Willem Swanepoel for making this resource available. Note, this isn’t a new resource, it’s been available here for quite a while, but I thought this day would be an appropriate one to remind users.

DOWNLOAD! Commentaries on the Bible

DOWNLOAD! Institutes

BibleWorks, “an established part of orthodoxy”

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Michael Patton of Parchment & Pen recently upgraded to version 8. His views on BW are quite, shall we say, fanatical! :)

For those of you who don’t already know, Bibleworks represents a jewel in the area of Biblical studies programs. It is an extremely powerful Biblical studies software that every Christian should have. In fact, considering my views on doctrinal development (that I have written much on), I believe that the purchase and use of Bibleworks is now an established part of orthodoxy. I tell my classes that I am not really sure I was a Christian before Bibleworks was created and that if I ever lost my Bibleworks I would sit out on a mountain and simply await the second coming. Yes, it is that good.

I heartily concur with his last paragraph!

One other thing about Bibleworks. I have had a chance here and there to get to know the company and some of the individuals who are involved. These guys are the real deal. They love the Lord and are comitted to the truth and teaching the Bible, not simply what is going to make the next buck. Bibleworks is in the ministry, not in the world selling to ministry. Therefore, I endorse this software with no reservations.