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New Vocabulary File - Hebrew Verb Diagnostics

Friday, July 11th, 2008

This vocab module was put together by Matt Hauger. The zip file includes a text readme, which offers the following explanation:

These forms are based on Pratico and Van Pelt’s charts in the back of ‘Basics of Biblical Hebrew.’ This book lacks charts on Qal weak verbs, however; these are drawn from the relevant chapters on each Qal form. In general, only those weak forms that differ from the corresponding strong form are included here. Not all the differing Hithpael weak forms from the chart are included; many of those forms do not even appear in the Hebrew Bible, and Hithpael forms are easily identified by their preformatives.

You can also find more on this module at the BibleWorks forums.

The idea behind it is that by looking at the markers of various verbal forms, the reader can become better at recognizing what makes a Qal imperfect or a Niphal cohortative. A picture shows how he accomplishes this:

The scholarly Hebraist might recognize the above as a typical formation of a Qal imperfect III-aleph verb, with the qames (long a-class vowel) under the 2nd consonant of the verb stem rather than a holem (o-class vowel), as is “typical” for a Qal imperfect. When coupled with a grammar, this vocabulary file is a great way to review the rules of the parsing game!


Save the zip file to your hard disk, then unzip the .vrt file to your c:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7\init folder (assuming a default installation).

Once you’ve unzipped the .vrt file to you init folder, then open BibleWorks. Once you have BibleWorks open, open the Vocabulary module –

Tools | Vocabulary Flashcard Module

Once you have the vocab module open, choose File | Import and navigate to the .vrt file you just unzipped into this folder.

Algers F. Johns Aramaic Vocab File

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Jackson Atkins of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary has submitted an Aramaic vocabulary file that is keyed to A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic by Alger F. Johns. Jackson describes the file:

Johns lists some verbs in several chapters but due to technical limitations I have only included them in the first chapter where they appear. I have retained BibleWorks verbal vowel pointing where a qamets appears under the first consonant instead of shewah. I have placed Johns’ noun categories in the usage column following the information provided by BibleWorks and enclosed in parentheses. When you load the file, go to the tools drop down menu and select “filter” then check the “Include Aramaic” box. I made this file for a class so speed was imperative. Thus, if you find any mistakes please let me know on the BibleWorks official message board.


PS: I am sorry for my delinquency in catching up with the BW blog files lately. I hope to get on it soon!

Vocab Module: LXX Vocabulary

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

BibleWorks user Jackson Atkins submitted a vocabulary file for the BibleWorks Vocabulary Module which contains words used in the LXX 100+ times but that do not occur in the New Testament 10+ times (a pool which includes 89 words). The frequency numbers and definitions were made from the LEH Septuagint lexicon and proper names were omitted.

Jackson writes: I hope this vocab file will help people to explore and use the LXX more in their studies and ministries. I am currently working on an extended vocab file that includes all the words that are in the LXX 100+ times but not in the NT 25+ times (241 words). However, I have no idea when I will complete this file.

Copy file to \init\ subdirectory of BibleWorks7
Load the Vocabulary Module in BibleWorks
File: Import: and open lxxvocab100.vrt

Vocab Module: Stoy, Bibelgriechisch - leicht gemacht

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

New vocabulary for BibleWorks 7 — Greek <---> German
Contributed by BibleWorks user: Bernhard Riedler
Notes below in English and auf Deutsch:

Stoy, Bibelgriechisch – leicht gemacht (SBGLG)

Version 1.0

I might have lost about 5-10 words due to using the gntvoc file as a basis, and there might be a few cuts concerning the number of translations given, but I think it is good to work with anyways.

One major adjustment is that I used the top left corner of the flashcard for indicating how many translations one should know, instead of stating the morphology code.

Hier ist meine Bearbeitung der Flashcards für

Stoy, Bibelgriechisch – leicht gemacht (SBGLG)

Ich habe beim Übertrag vielleicht 5-10 Wörter verloren, und ein paar Abstriche bei der Anzahl an Übersetzungsmöglichkeiten gemacht, aber zum lernen sollte es dennoch sehr hilfreich sein.

Eine nennenswerte Änderung ist, dass ich für mich entschieden habe, am linken, oberen Eck der Karteikarte anzugeben, wie viele Übersetzungsmöglichkeiten man bei der Abfrage wissen sollte.

Version 1.0

Copy file to \init\ subdirectory of BibleWorks7
Load the Vocabulary Module in BibleWorks
File: Import: and open sbglg.vrt

Vocab Module: Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

The latest files are up which now include a vocabulary module that hits every word in the Iliad and Odyssey!

You can use this vocab module to provide Word Tips in BW which means easy reading in Greek. Obviously the glosses provided here (which are almost entirely based on the endless work of John Jackson) are no substitution for Liddell-Scott entries, but they sure make for smooth reading if you’re already comfortable with the Greek language. And if you’re not, you can use this module to start learning Vocabulary by frequency, book, or one work (i.e. The Iliad) of Homer vs. the other!