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New! Coptic New Testament Versions

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

J. Warren Wells of has graciously permitted BibleWorks users to use his suite of New Testament Coptic texts. Three new versions are available:

  • Sahidic Coptic New Testament (SANT)
  • Bohairic Coptic New Testament (BONT)
  • New Testament according to the Egyptian Greek (NTEG)

Here’s a screen shot that shows the Greek text reconstructed from the Sahidic Coptic version compared against the BGT. It also shows the Bohairic and Sahidic texts in parallel:Release notes:

  • The two Coptic (SANT, BONT) databases do not use a standard BibleWorks font. Instead, you must install the Uncial Sans Serif font (UncialSS.ttf) into your c:\windows\fonts directory.
  • Command line searches will work in the Coptic texts, but the command line will not display characters correctly.
  • The Coptic texts have been defined as “English” texts. Unfortunately the VDC would not allow them to be compiled as “other,” and it does not give a “Coptic” option. [This probably explains the previously mentioned problem with the command line.]
  • The NTEG has been compiled for use with standard BibleWorks Greek fonts. This facilitates the comparison of the reconstructed Egyptian texts against other BW Greek texts.
  • The compiler of these BibleWorks files does not know Coptic (yet), so those who do have facility with the language are welcome to make suggestions.
  • To install:
    1. Unzip the into your C:\program files\bibleworks 7\userdb folder.
    2. Install the UncialSS.ttf font in your fonts folder (see above).
    3. Copy the .bww files in the unzipped “coptic” folder to your \bibleworks 7\databases file.
    4. Use the Version Database Compiler to compile the various texts. (The three .ddf files are each contained in their own folder, e.g. \coptic\sahidic_nt\sant.ddf, etc.)

Many thanks to J. Warren Wells for letting BibleWorks users explore his texts of the Coptic NT.

See also Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar for BibleWorks!

New Module - Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Just hours after a user on the BibleWorks user forums wondered if it would be possible to convert J. Martin Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar from HTML to a BibleWorks user-module, Pasquale showed that it could be done and came through with such speed that it makes me look like a turtle. I still have like ten other things I’m trying to do, but haven’t finished and before I could even look at the files, he finished compiling and converting it. So now you are the beneficiaries!

The zip file contains the grammar itself and fonts. The fonts need to be installed to Windows (by moving them to the \fonts\ directory of Windows. The grammar files can be placed in the \databases\ subdirectory of BibleWorks 7.