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Update: Goodwin’s Grammar

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

New to Goodwin’s Greek Grammar is added functionality to make it more useful as a reference text.

Now when you have it loaded in BibleWorks it will offer links in the Resource Summary Window based on over 20 syntactical categories like the cases, moods, pronouns which will instantly jump you to the relevant portions of Goodwin’s Grammar.

Take a look for instance at John 16:1. When I mouse over the word ὑμῖν, Goodwin now provides instant links to the following syntactic categories which pertain to this word: Pronouns, Personal Pronouns, and Dative Case.

Then clicking on one of these will automatically load the Goodwin Grammar to the appropriate spot. Neat huh?

To get this feature you could redownload the entire Goodwin grammar, but that isn’t especially recommended since it’s over 20MB. Instead, just download this short goodwingr.chd, save it in your subdirectory of BibleWorks called “databases” (overwriting the old file), restart BibleWorks and you will have the new special features.

DOWNLOAD entire Grammar!

DOWNLOAD goodwingr.chd!

New Module - Goodwin, A Greek Grammar

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

The latest offering is one that has long been available on TextKit and CCEL. I had always been hoping to find a text/HTML version of it online somewhere, but I haven’t yet. Nevertheless, the page images are still valuable and so now we are pleased to release Goodwin’s Greek Grammar for use in BibleWorks 7! Sure it’s not as good as the real thing, but the price is right isn’t it??

This is what the blurb in TextKit had to say:

Goodwin’s Greek Grammar stands with Hadley’s Greek Grammar as one of the most widely used and longest running Greek Grammars in America. The grammar has gone through many editions and reprints for over 130 years, with the last major edition appearing in 1930.

Goodwin first earned academic recognition for his Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verb which was first published in 1865. Five years later in 1870 he created the first edition of Greek Grammar which was a brief 235 page textbook called Elementary Greek Grammar. In 1879 the grammar was later revised to 393 page edition and renamed to A Greek Grammar. In 1892, Goodwin revised his grammar yet again to the 451 page edition entitled, A Greek Grammar Revised and Enlarged. It is the ‘revised and enlarged’ edition which was in widespread use and it is this edition that is available for download. The next major edition, the Goodwin and Gulick edition, occurred 38 years later in 1930 and was largely rewritten by Charles Gulick. The Goodwin and Gulick edition can be purchased new to this day.It should be made absolutely clear that Goodwin’s Greek Grammar is what is known as a reference grammar and it is not intended for beginners. Historically, students used this grammar in conjunction with a reader by the same publisher. The reader would provide notes and references back to the grammar for further help and clarification. See Goodwin’s First Four Book’s of Xenophon’s Anabasis as an example.

Goodwin’s Greek Grammar use as a reference grammar for the modern student is now largely replaced by Smyth’s massive and highly praised 800 page Greek Grammar which was first published in 1920. Still, for intermediates Goodwin offers more succinct discussions and for all learners an additional perspective is at times very helpful. Part IV, Syntax, should prove to be especially helpful for today’s learners and is well worth exploration.


New Module - Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Just hours after a user on the BibleWorks user forums wondered if it would be possible to convert J. Martin Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar from HTML to a BibleWorks user-module, Pasquale showed that it could be done and came through with such speed that it makes me look like a turtle. I still have like ten other things I’m trying to do, but haven’t finished and before I could even look at the files, he finished compiling and converting it. So now you are the beneficiaries!

The zip file contains the grammar itself and fonts. The fonts need to be installed to Windows (by moving them to the \fonts\ directory of Windows. The grammar files can be placed in the \databases\ subdirectory of BibleWorks 7.


BibleWorks 7 New Module: Joüon-Muraoka Biblical Hebrew Grammar

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Although I am partial to Greek resources, I am still excited by news of a new module being released today for BibleWorks 7:

Don’t be fooled. There is another edition of Joüon-Muraoka floating around out there, but this module represents the latest edition, published in 2006 by the Pontifical Biblical Institute, but more information on the print edition at Eisenbrauns:

Already well known in its two-volume first edition [«Subsidia Biblica», n. 14], this is the most extensive revision yet of one of the most complete Hebrew Grammars available in English. That first edition of 1991 was, in its turn, based on the original work in French by Paul Joüon published for the first time in 1923. This edition brings the work up to the present by taking account of developments in our understanding of the Hebrew language during the intervening years. For the first time the work is presented in a single volume. Professor Muraoka hopes that this helps to make the book more attractive and the content easier to use. As with the earlier edition students of the Old Testament, Hebrew and Semitics who have a basic knowledge of Biblical Hebrew will find much useful insight and information here.

The module is available as a download for $75 via the BibleWorks website.